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Ayurvedic Massage in Oxfordshire


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Ayurveda - “The Science of Life” - is the ancient Indian system of healing. It considers the balance between the mind, body and spirit to promote good health, enhance wellbeing and delay ageing. Ayurveda places great importance on prevention of disease and maintaining balance in your life. It looks to minimize the effects stress – physical and emotional, from work, family relationships, other emotional stresses and seasonal changes - can have on the mind and body. When a person is living in balance the bodies natural defense systems against disease will be stronger. Ayurveda considers lifestyle, nutrition and yoga important in maintaining balance. Ayurvedic massage is considered a keystone of this process.

Ayurvedic Massage – Ancient India’s Best-Kept Secret

“I slept amazingly after your treatment and didn’t wake through the night which is so unlike me. You are a magician!” BLAIZE

Miranda is so easy to get on with, I instantly felt at ease. She's very knowledgeable and the work she does is impactful. I felt better, more calm and 'connected' after each session and this built as the sessions continued. I wholeheartedly recommend Miranda. JULES F

You’ve done wonders for me and I can’t wait to have another session with you. I have also passed on your details to one of my neighbours ……… RAHIMA K

The massage I had with you in April really helped so I would like to book in another one. KATHERINE S

The Marma massage was seriously relaxing and always left me feeling deeply chilled out and energised, ........ I'd highly recommend Miranda's massages and also enjoyed her energy, dynamism and intuitive approach towards healing. BEN T

Thank you so much for your massage. It was amazing ? JAMES S

I had a wonderful experience and would love to come back. Do have a wonderful Christmas and Hope to see you in the next year! SCHOLAR

The massage was amazing it left me so relaxed that I fall asleep in my job ? ? ? FRAN

Thank you again for your sensitive and perceptive help and for the most amazing massage. ARNE

Thanks for Saturday's session - wonderfully life-affirming as always ? IAN R

thanks very much for the massage yesterday. It was fantastic and exactly what I needed to feel human after several weeks of coughing, breathlessness and being in pain. So, a BIG THANK YOU! S

I've had different massages in different countries. I honestly say yours was the most professional..insightful and effective. Thank you deeply. Usually I am totally exhausted after an outing uptown....but its now 9.20pm and I feel quite entreated! Hope some day I can see you for treatment in your new venue. Thank you. ANNA M.


Please e mail or text your appointment request including your postcode, preferred dates and times.

If you would like to speak on the telephone to discuss the treatment please call Miranda on 07855 941210
The best times to reach Miranda are Monday's 11.30am - 3pm or Tuesday's 2pm - 8pm.
You are welcome to try outside these times between 11am and 9pm Monday - Saturday. If Miranda isn't available answer please leave a message and she will call you back as soon as she can.

Your details will be added to A Vital Life's contact list. Please let Miranda know if you do not wish to receive further contact by e mail or SMS.

For full details of how your personal data is used and stored, please see the privacy policy.


Avoid large meals and alcohol leading up to your treatment if at all possible.

The ideal room temperature is around 25°C. When the weather is cold you may want to have your heating on higher than usual to help you stay warm during your treatment as the body will cool down on the massage table. I will bring an organic cotton blanket with me as an extra layer if needed.

Thongs are ideal to wear for a massage, but whatever you decide to wear please don’t wear your best underwear in case of contact with oils! Your massage will start on your front and I will ask ladies to remove their bra prior to treatment to allow me to massage your back. When you turn over, if you do not wish to have your breasts massaged I will give you a small single use biodegrable towel to drape across you. This will allow me to still reach your tummy. You can be draped so only the area being massaged is uncovered. For those who would like their glutes massaged this can be done as an extension of your leg work. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable at all times.

I will bring music to play during your treatment; if you would like to play your own music or receive your treatment in silence please let me know.
I heat the oils with a natural petroleum free tealight. If there are any issues around candles being lit in your building it would be helpful if you could let me know in advance.

Set your mobile to airplane mode so you can truly relax and derive the most benefit from your treatment.

Close your eyes and enjoy - falling asleep is not unusual and that is fine!


If you can, try to book your treatment on a day when you don’t have much to do afterwards – resting after your treatment you will give your body the best chance to retune. A washable dressing gown to put on after your massage will be cosy and stop oils transferring to your clothes.

Hydration is important after a massage to help clear waste products through your lympathic system, reduce symptons of achy muscles and help the recovery of tissues. I will ask you to drink a glass of water after your treatment and you should drink a glass or two more than you usually would during the rest of the day. It is not unusual to need to go to the loo more frequently after a massage.


Organic Oils

Tea lights used to heat the oils are made from ethically sourced Swedish non GMO additive free rapeseed oil, made in a factory using 100% green energy

Biodegradable disposable towels delivered to A Vital Life by DPD who have made a carbon neutral commitment
The towels are made from pulped European eucalyptus or cedar trees, harvested from Sustainable Forestry programmes. All the water used in the factory which produces the towels here in the UK is filtered and recycled.

Organic cotton towels, flannels and blankets. All washing is done using eco friendly laundry products with electricity provided by Good Energy. When the weather allows they are dried outside in countryside air!

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