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Ayurvedic Massage in Oxfordshire

Ancient India's Best Kept Secret

Herbalised oils ** Medicinal properties ** Nourishing **


Marma Abhyanga is a warm oil based full body massage combing traditional Ayurvedic massage techniques with acupressure of Marma points - specific points where energy can stagnate.

During your treatment I will work with the breath so that your nervous system can let go of stress. Combined with pressure applied to your marma points this will promote a healthy flow of energy or prana* - a Sanskrit word that translates as “vital life force.”
The treatment encourages healing and strengthening of the body, releasing physical and emotional blockages whilst helping to eliminate toxins. Improved blood circulation and warming up of tissues results in increased absorption of nutrients and supply of oxygen to muscles, promoting mitochondrial biogenesis which boosts the benefits of your massage, whilst your skin is nourished with the oils.

The Marma Abhyanga ayurvedic massage can be taken as stand-alone treatment for relaxation or as a course of treatments to help maintain balance and enhance the working of the body’s organs for renewed health and vitality.

*The Chinese call it "chi", the Japanese "ki", Egyptians "ka".

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